I really need your help!

David W Behrend (dwb9@columbia.edu)
Wed, 10 May 1995 12:39:55 -0400

Hello everyone:

I am a journalism student at Columbia University, and I'm writing a story
on fossils around New York City for our wire service (Columbia News Service).

I would like to hear from any fossil enthusiasts who've found anything
in New York City. I know that most of the bedrock below Manhattan and the
Bronx is metamorphic and doesn't yield fossils, but there have been a few
finds over the years.

If anyone has done anything involving fossils around the city, I'd love
to hear from you. The bad news is that my story is due tomorrow morning.
I planned to attend a lecture at the American Museum of Natural History
called "Wonders of New York Fossils" last night, but it was cancelled. I'd
hoped to meet some city fossil people there, but now that's out. I've
spoken at length to Sidney Horenstein at the Museum, but I need more
voices for my story. Please help, I'm now pretty desperate.

If you can help me please let me know. You can e-mail my address
(dwb9@columbia.edu), post to this group or call me at 212-582-0684.

All I can promise in return is that your story will go out on our wire
service, which serves more than 40 papers around the country.

Thanks to everyone who can help.