Re: bipedalism and AAH

9 May 1995 18:13:47 GMT

Pat Dooley ( wrote:
: Loopy writes:

: > << deletions>> ...................... Rigid knees fit
: >in just fine with the savannah-ape or forest-ape scenario, and so cannot
: >support the aquatic ape hypothesis.

: Except that bipedalism, as in Lucy, evolved before the knee-locking
: mechanism of human bipedalism. Since Lucy is post-aquatic,
: ridid knees have nothing to do with the AAH.

: Pat D

Based on her elbows and knees, Lucy was primarily adapted to arboreal
climbing and bridging, rather than bipedal movement on the ground.

Harry Erwin
PhD student in comp neurosci: "Glitches happen" & "Meaning is emotional"