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9 May 1995 11:59:42 GMT

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>Perhaps you could give some examples of those factual errors, misquoted
>sources, and outright lies. Given the seriousness of your accusations, I
>think that would be appropriate. I would be happy to pass along your
>comments to the authors. I am sure that they would be willing to correct
>any factual errors, misquoted sources, and outright lies in their work.
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A while back when I was a subscriber to GENIE someone began citing
examples from this book to demonstrate problems with human evolution.
I requested the book from interlibrary loan and checked into the
examples he gave and posted then well referenced refutations of
those examples. It is this experience that I am basing my comments
on. On example had something to do with finding a metal tool in
pleistocene deposits, another example I believe was the Rikes
skeleton or "Olduway Man." The posts have long since been lost to
the ether.

I don't want to use my interlibrary loan credits to obtain this book
again as I have more valuable use for them. However, if you would
like to post some examples from this book and include the citations
the authors used to back them up I will be more than happy to dissect
them for you.

If the authors are rally interested in the problems with their books,
they might want to read the review in American Anthropologist. I can
dig up the citation if you would like.

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