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8 May 1995 18:21:00 GMT

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Drew & Laurie Beck <> wrote:
>Hi--I'm new to this group and realize that you all have probably debated
>the subject of my question to death already, but here goes: From the
>"armchair anthropologist" research I've done so far, I've discerned two
>basic theories re: the emergence of "modern" humans. [goes on to
discuss "out of africa" and multiregional hypotheses]

You summed it up pretty well. The April 1992 Scientific American had a
couple of articles, one defending each theory. The "out of africa"
article was based on molecular biology arguments, the "multiregional"
article gave some arguments (which sounded very plausible) based on
fossils, showing that some regional characteristics of ancient humans
have been carried forward into modern populations.

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