Re: Cro-Magnon <> Human?

Layne1914 (
7 May 1995 14:38:42 -0400

The term "human" here is confussing and misleading.

The oldest reliably dated hominid fossil from our own species - Homo
sapiens sapiens is from Niah cave (Borneo), a female, and radiocarbon
dated to 41,500 years before present. It is often seen in terms of

All of this can get very confussing when one is first reading the
literature and trying to sort out timeframes, etc. - because of the
debates on whether or not say Neanderthal was the same species as
ourselves or whether or not interbredding occurred.

Don't get discouraged!
The more you read the more the ideas begin to take shape. Some texts I'd
recommend: Day, M. _Guide To Fossil Man_, U. of Chicago Press.
Larsen,C.P. and R.M. Matter, _Human Origins: The Fossil Record_ Waveland,
1985. Sauer, N. J. and T.W. Phenice. _Hominid Fossils_, Brown.
Good luck,