Re: Early Hominids Language

Rhett Andrew Hartman (
5 May 1995 17:05:29 -0500

In article <3o8ut5$c9f@tardis.trl.OZ.AU> (Jacques Guy) writes:
> If I recall correctly, this info was basicly based on the
> fact that pongids have been taught a limited form of sign lang.
> so ,therefore they (?) conclude that due to the larger size of
> a pith's brain (compared to that of a modern great ape) it is
> POSSIBLE that an early hominid might have been able to comm.
> with an early form of sign.
>They could have communicated by smell, too. By farting, for instance. Short
>of a time machine, these are nothing but empty speculations. It used

Wow, do you have so much control over your gastrointestinal organs that
you can control how much bacteria gets stored up in yourself? Wow!
That's amazing.

When people are restricted from talking, (i.e.--mutes, the stock market,
etc.), do they not regress to sign-language? Everything is speculation,
till proven. It is *speculation* that the sun will rise tomorrow, but I
believe in it.