Early Hominids Language

Jacques Guy (jbm@newsserver.trl.oz.au)
4 May 1995 08:08:37 +1000

Quoth I forget who:

I found Discover magazine at

The current issue has an article on the possibility that the
first language may have been a sign language.
If I recall correctly, this info was basicly based on the
fact that pongids have been taught a limited form of sign lang.
so ,therefore they (?) conclude that due to the larger size of
a pith's brain (compared to that of a modern great ape) it is
POSSIBLE that an early hominid might have been able to comm.
with an early form of sign.

They could have communicated by smell, too. By farting, for instance. Short
of a time machine, these are nothing but empty speculations. It used
to be the language of Adam, or of the angels before the fall. Now
it's early hominids. This thread belongs in talk.origins and the
Urantia Book (tm).

Oh yes, they could have communicated by dancing, too. Or by grooming,
like someone somewhere (was it here?) claimed chimps had been found to
(was it on April 1st?). And if they caught birds and stuck feathers in
their arses, their could have communicated like peacocks do. *sigh*