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2 May 1995 03:21:48 GMT

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Christopher G. Beetle <> wrote:
>On 27 Apr 1995 wrote:
>> After reading a good bunch of the material on human evolution, I am
>> struck by what appear to be hugh gaps in the fossil record. It also
>> appears that the "genetic" approach is not much help either in piecing
>> together the sequence of events. It seems to
>> me that much anthropology in the area of human evolution is based
>> on rather speculative deductions. Does anyone else feel this way?
>Yes, and in addition, a lot of evidence that creates problems for the
>theory of human evolution has been set aside by various means. See
>Forbidden Archeology by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson, 1993.

This book is a pile of horse manure. Read it if you want, but before
you are tempted to believe anything check into it more carefully.
It is full of factual errors, misquoted sources and out-right lies.

And yes, I did read it -- or to tell the truth, about half of it before
I got disgusted.

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