Re: Will Anthro get me anywhere?

NDickover (
30 Apr 1995 17:14:35 -0400

In response to the question, will Anthro get me anywhere, my answer is:
yes it most certainly can.

Anthropology teaches you a holistic way of thinking. THis can be applied
in a number of different ways. I feel that the key trait organizations
will be looking for will be the degree of adaptability a person has. This
is so because the rate of change in society is ever increasing.
Marketplaces are no longer stable. To remain viable, organizations may
have to change their business focus many times. If you pursue a career in
organizational life, you will have a long term edge over most business

For myself, I followed a BA in Anthropology with an MS in Cybernetics and
General Systems theory. I have used this combination to become a
specialist in organizational change. This combination has proved very
successful. However, I think anthropology alone, through the study of
culture in organizational life has already become a sought after skill.
It is clear that cultural issues affect most of the factors that lead
organizations to be either a success or a failure. It is also clear that
most of the corporate culture stuff created by business specialists is
seriously lacking. To me this is a very interesting area that could use
further research and actual practice.

Hope this helps.

Noel Dickover