Re: Lucy talk at stanford.

Matthew Hill (
Tue, 2 May 1995 13:29:28 GMT

>NE>One thing he said which everyone should be on the lookout....
>NE>Dr. Mary Leaky is going to announce some new discoveries in September.

>Has she written a book about the stone tool culture at Olduvai, or are
>there just journal articles?


Mary Leakey's report on the Olduvai tools is in Volume III of

Excavations in Beds I and II, 1960-63. Cambridge University Press

Her ideas on the typology of the Oldowan have pretty well been rejected
on the basis of more recent work at Koobi Foora and elsewhere and more
sophisticated analysis.

Most of the 'types' which she sees seem to be functions of raw material
and/or flaking technique rather than attempts at producing ideal forms.
Many of the 'choppers' are know thought to be discarded cores.

Current thought puts much more emphasis on the use of flakes, which are
usually unrecognizable in secondary sites and often removed from
flaking sites.