Re: *** DARWIN WAS WRONG!!! ***

Bam1021 (
16 Apr 1995 18:48:58 -0400

Re: My wife said we are DEVOLVING. Case in point:

There is no such thing as devolving. There is only continuing adaptation.
Only the circumstances change, the process remains the same.

Your blind genes are no problem given the environoment (in its broadest
sense) in which you live. If our culture suddenly went bye bye we would
have to pear down the population anyway. Maybe you and your blind genes
would have to go. But not necessarily.

The evolution of H.s.s. has added culture as part of our environment. We
have been shaped by that fact since _before_ we were H.s.s. Our current
culture means you don't have to worry about your eyesight, but don't
assume you would have been a goner in a by-gone age. Remember the guy at
Shanidar? One of the things about humans is that we help each other.

Barbara Meissner