Re: Time Frame: Early Hominids

JoeBeaver (
14 Apr 1995 19:45:13 -0400

I would suggest that anyone arguing about the
bipedalism/non-bipedalism of A. ramidus let things rest for a few months.
The information published to date appears to indicate an upright--read
bipedal--posture, but such a conclusion is far from certain.
A day or two ago, somebody mentioned having seen a teaser in Nature
reguarding further finds. I checked on that today, and found it--I
believe in the Jan. 26 Nature. It states that a 45% complete skeleton has
been excavated. If so, it represents a major find. Remember that 'Lucy'
was only 40% complete. It's been a long day, but I seem to recall
specific mention of significant leg fossils. Also, it was indicated that
the remains had already been removed from the site, and are presumably
undergoing analysis already.
I find it hard to believe that such a find could fail to answer a lot
of questions--bipedalism among the simplest of them. So sit back, wait a
few months, and keep an eye on Nature. I would imagine we will see at
least a preliminary analysis this fall.

Joe Beaver