Re: Will Anthro get me anywhere?

Lou Mario (
27 Apr 1995 23:51:17 GMT

I was in the same boat. I am a prosthodontist now still doing
anthropological research.


Brett Philp u ( wrote:

: Please try to post this note to an archaeological or anthropological
: (primatology based) newsgroup.

: I'm entering my second year of Honours Anthropology at a Wilfrid
: Laurier University. I love my program. I put a lot of work into my
: courses and, for the most part, I find myself with suitable grades. My
: grade point average is ten.

: My problem lies in my plans for the future. I find myself
: particularly interested in primatology, and physical anthropology. My
: best grades tend to be in courses that lean towards socio-cultural
: studies. I'm not sure if I should pursue the study of material I find
: incredibly intrigueing, or if I should follow the courses I am most
: capable of doing well. I shouldn't give anyone the wrong impression; I
: like socio-cultural anthropology, but not as much as physical or primate
: anthropology.

: I also have the problem of deciding just how far should I go in
: these studies...or should I even bother to pursue them. I'm very aware
: that there isn't a great demand for primatologists, or physical
: anthropologists. I'm not even sure of what I can do with any degree in
: socio-cultural anthropology. To be honest, despite the research I have
: done on the matter, I'm not sure at what schools I can pursue post
: graduate anthropological studies. My Dean of Arts and Science simply told
: me that if I keep my grade point average above a ten, I have nothing to
: worry about. My course advisor suggested I study law. Everyone else I
: have spoken to has told me "a B.A. is a B.A.. Do not expect the world of
: employment to differentiate university majors. Do not expect to ever be
: employed in your field."

: What I need is help. I need information on post-graduate studies, and
: employment opportunities. I especially need advise from someone who has
: faced this problem too.

: Thanks
: Jessica F.Brinkworth
: Honours Anthropology