Re: Info needed on bones!

Fri, 28 Apr 95 11:23:09 EDT

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Helen Haines <> writes:

>I am hoping someone out there can help me. I am in desparate need of
>information regarding possible pathologies that may result in the
>early fusing of epitheses.
>The situtation is as follows:
>We discovered a skeleton in a cache at a site in central america.
>The skeleton is DEFINATELY human. An examination of the mandible and
>the teeth suggest an age of 18 months for the individual. The length
>of the bones substantiates this age.
>The problem:
>the epithesis on the proximal end of the radius are fused. An event
>that should not occur for several more years?!
>Does anyone have any information that may help us determine why this
>has occurred? Has anyone heard of this before?
>Any help, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
>Helen R. Haines
I just ran into a reference relevant to this. I'll dig it out and
send it to you. I'll post it here too as it relates to the
pre-Columbian contact thread.

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