Re: Early diets
27 May 94 09:56:25 MST

In article <>, Jeff Macdonald <> writes:
> <> writes:
>>Deer do not care about generalizations. When they see two eyes they leave in a
>>hurry and never once consider that some animals with binocular vision are not
> Actually I doubt that deer (or other potential prey) pay any attention to the
> eyes, or to carnivore, herbivore distinctions. The world is divided into
> things that eat me and things that do not. The detection is usually by smell
> or sound, sight is a last
> stage defense. predators that are much to small to be harmful are ignored,
> whatever their vision.
> Jeff MacDonald

Since I can't remember were I came across this information, I guess my
statement carries no more weight then your "Actually I doubt....". :^)
Until I can provide a source, it is opinion, based on personal experiance. I
have not yet been able to get a deer to provide me with the details.

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