Re: A word about science (was Re: Invitation To Islam)

mark (
Tue, 10 May 1994 19:39:04 GMT

In article <> (Camilla Cracchiolo) writes:
>My newsreader didn't have the original post this was a response to
>on it. I'm certainly not trying to pick on Mr. Stewart. However,

Well, that's not really surprising. Back in *January*, this idiot (to the
misfortune of Islam's good name) discovered the net, and started posting
Islamic prozelytization. The thread mutated slightly, and some folks
keep following it up, never editing their followups-to or newsgroups line,
as many people have been asking, pleading, screaming, and flaming them to
do ever since. It *certainly* isn't relevant to half the newsgroups that
were on your post (not a flame against you, btw, but who you were following
up to), so I've edited it down to where it was from (more or less).

>I sure would like to know just where this wonderful society that
>has discarded all it's old superstitions and irrational beliefs is.
>I will go immediately and live there. Wherever it may be, it's
>sure not the USA. Why we have people who believe in the literal
>interpretation of the Bible censoring science classes in our
>public schools. Or just head on over to sci.skeptic or alt.folklore.urban
>for some of the more entertaining posts on ufos, the grey aliens,
>and healing with crystals. Not to mention the current fundamentalist
>Christian hysteria over things like little kids celebrating Halloween,
>listening to heavy metal music, and we won't even talk about what
>these folks think of organized Paganism! Surely a tool of Satan
>if ever there was one. Oh yes, let us not forget all the people

Heh, heh, he chuckles, from alt.pagan. Mmm, as I think of it, that's even
funnier: hey, guys, did you know we're organized? (Quick, who's the PR