Re: African Eve

Jim Bowery (
Sat, 21 May 1994 14:32:21 GMT

Richard Hodges <> writes:
> In article <> Jim Bowery,
> writes:
> >Quite seriously, some of my best friends are Neanderthals -- or at least
> >are of Neanderthal lineage.
> >
> >Just look around -- you'll see them every now and then.
> How do you recognize them? What are the signs?

The robust frame, heavy but a generally low fat to muscle ratio, for males
an exceptionally hairy body. Sometimes you'll see the prominent brows.

I think it would be very interesting to study people classicaly
termed "european peasantry" to see if there are some genetic
correlates for neanderthal-like features. There may be some remnants
of relatively pure neanderthal lineages around and if so, it would be
good to let those people know how valuable they are.

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