New newsgroup

Jarom Smith (
Tue, 10 May 1994 17:30:53 GMT

-- Creation of newsgroup --

In an effort to encourage collaboration between Chilean and U.S.
scientists, a newsgroup called has been created for
the purpose of information exchange both within the Chilean scientific
community and between this community and scientists elsewhere on the Internet.

For those of you familiar with, working in, or planning work in
Chile, it is hoped that you will make extensive use of to (A) inform each other of the news and happenings
(cruises, conferences, field trips, projects etc.) that might be
developed into fuller cooperative efforts, (B) exchange ideas and
views on how science opportunities in Chile may be used and
developed to obtain their fullest potential, and (C) report
opportunities for, and results from, scientific work in and around

For those of you not familiar with Chile, there is both great depth
and high potential for rewarding cooperative science in the
country. For example, Chilean scientists have strong research
interests in the Antarctic, Astronomy, Biology and Biotechnology,
Agriculture and Aquaculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Oceanography,
Medicine, Geology-Mining, and other fields of science and
technology. In addition, Chile has a booming economy which is being
reinvested to strengthen the scientific community's abilities for
the approaching technology-rich century. Field access is rapid
and extensive throughout the contry, almost all of the country is
on digital switched telecommunications, and Chile exchanges more
EMAIL internationally than all other countries in South America
combined. Moreover, hile provides a perhaps unparalleled natural
laboratory from which to study (and provide ground truth) for
troubling global environmental and climatic problems. Chile has
high alpine valleys and glacial peaks, the driest desert in the world,
and some of the finest native forests. Its length provides access to a
cross section of wworld climate from 18 to 56 degrees south, and on south
with its bases in the Antarctic. All of this comes with a strong
scientific community that can support and collaborate on the
long-term studies necessary to produce data on ozone depletion,
desertification, ocean processes, and climate changes that future
generations and governments will need to analyze and accommodate
civilization's impact on the environment.

Therefore, please take full advantage of as a
convenient point of cotact with Chilean science and scientists,
and, we hope, help this newsgroup become a place from which we
expand and open some really rewarding mutual research
opportunities. Please DO ccontact us individually and DO use Make us a regular CC for your announcements on
topics of global and Chilean interest and happenings. Explore
through what has been, what is, and what will continue to
be a productive scientific environment here in Chile.

We suggest that contributions to the news group always place
one or two leadoff keywords in the title in CAPS that describe the
main fields of interest of the contribution----for example
contributions are easily searchable and sortable.

Thank you,

Jarom Smith University of Chile, Santiago newsgroup project