Re: The Other Human Race

William Calvin (
19 May 1994 05:54:43 GMT

jfeinstein@UMASSD.EDU (Jon. Feinstein) writes:
> However, the passage (and if any are interested in reading this series,
>this part is very unimportant, practically a throw away) did get me
>thinking about handedness in early hominids. Does anyone know if there
>have been any studies along this line and if so what the conclusions were?

I had a lot of fun with that possibility in the first essay of my book THE
THROWING MADONNA, which is a parody of the right-handed hunter
hypothesis (it often gets miscited, by people who haven't read it far
enough to discover that it's a parody). The good serious reference is
Peter F. MacNeilage, Michael G. Studdert-Kennedy, Bjorn Lindblom,
"Hand signals: Right side, left brain and the origin of language," The
Sciences 33(1):32-37 (January-February 1993). This contains a good
summary of the animal lateralization literature. See also the letter by
William H. Calvin in the November-December 1993 issue.

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