Re: A word about science (was Re: Invitation To Islam)

William R. Stewart (
9 May 1994 20:50:31 GMT

As I have no disciplined education in anthropology, I would like your
opinions on the following discussion.

In article <>,
Mad Prophet2 <> wrote:

> All primitive societies have their god(s), as a convenient way
>of explaining what's going on around them, and as such alleviating their
>fears of their environment. There are no "savage" atheist tribes.

Do we know that all primitive societies had/have deities as part of
their belief structure?

>reason we developed past primitive African tribes is BECAUSE WE WERE ABLE

Has western civilization not had religion as a major attribute of its
culture until relatively recently? Are the only advances made in
science, art, and culture the result of efforts by atheists?

>Further development requires keeping an open mind
>instead of blindly adhering to cultural values that have been brainwashed
>into us.

A topic certainly covered in anthropology :-)


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