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15 May 1994 05:31:28 GMT

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>>Many thanks for the information. I rather thought there would have to be
>>some problems involved with such dating. I assume fresh water shellfood
>>would not suffer from the same problem?
>I don't know for sure but I suspect that there might be some sort of effect
>perhaps not as great as for sea water. The source of the water would have
>some role - if the lake, river etc was fed by an ancient aquifer then
>probably there would be some problem....Discrepancies in dates on carbonates
>in general are a phenomenon - ostrich eggshell for instance seems to produce
>dates which differ from allied charcoal ones by regrettably varied amounts.

There are in fact problems in dating fresh water shellfish. These
problems arise largely from the use of carbon from limestone
deposits and older shells. I don't know how great the effect is,
either, but I'd be grateful if someone who knows would post.

Jason F. McBrayer

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