Re: A word about science (was Re: Invitation To Islam)

Adam Heath Clark (rubble@leland.Stanford.EDU)
12 May 1994 07:56:50 GMT

In article <2qqo59$>,
Judith Eubank <> wrote:
>Just how would you "properly deal" with Creation Scientists in this
>country? Send them to a nice, well-run concentration camp? I'm always
>amazed by the virulence of pluralist liberals who believe themselves
>perfectly rational toward people who disagree with their fundamental
>assumptions. (I count myself both a pluralist and a liberal, by the way.)
>Many folk adore diversity until they actually meet some. Bashing
>fundamentalist Christians must be the only safe form of bigotry left--but
>it's as ugly as any other kind. Especially when filled with class
>superiority, as it so often is. What exactly is wrong with having
>political aspirations or political power in the land of the free? If
>you're really as frightened by these worried folk as you claim, then
>out-argue and out-vote them. Don't sneer at them for being irrational and
>superstitious. We all are in our varying ways. As GBS remarked, there
>are degrees of nonsense so extreme that it takes an educated man to
>believe in them.
i don't have a problem with fundies -- i've known some who were really okay
people -- but i *do* have a problem with fundies who want to tell me how
to live and what i can and can't do. it pisses me off that pat robertson
and his god-squad can get into office and start "returning amerika to
its religious roots" (conveniently ignoring the constitution, of course).