Re: A word about science (was Re: Invitation To Islam)

Camilla Cracchiolo (
Thu, 12 May 1994 05:46:10 GMT

Judith Eubank ( wrote:
: >in certain countries right now. I suggest that before anyone
: >in the US lambasts Islamic countries, we make sure that we're
: >properly dealing with the 'Creation Scientists' and 'Flood
: >Geologists' in our own back yard. I doubt that anything any
: >Islamic Fundamentalist regime does is worse than what certain
: >Fundamentalist Christian sects would do if they got political
: >power in this country. And don't kid yourself about these
: >people's political aspirations *or* current power. We already

: Just how would you "properly deal" with Creation Scientists in this
: country? Send them to a nice, well-run concentration camp? I'm always
: amazed by the virulence of pluralist liberals who believe themselves
: perfectly rational toward people who disagree with their fundamental
: assumptions. (I count myself both a pluralist and a liberal, by the way.)
: Many folk adore diversity until they actually meet some. Bashing
: fundamentalist Christians must be the only safe form of bigotry left--but
: it's as ugly as any other kind. Especially when filled with class
: superiority, as it so often is. What exactly is wrong with having
: political aspirations or political power in the land of the free? If
: you're really as frightened by these worried folk as you claim, then
: out-argue and out-vote them. Don't sneer at them for being irrational and
: superstitious. We all are in our varying ways. As GBS remarked, there
: are degrees of nonsense so extreme that it takes an educated man to
: believe in them.

Now how in the hell did you get out of my post that I would send
fundamentalist Christians to concentration camps? No, of course
I wouldn't. I expect to struggle with them in the political
arena the same as with anyone else. I'm not going to lump
all fundamentalists together here; however, I would like to point
out that some of these fundamentalist groups are doing things
like calling for mass imprisonment and even execution of
homosexuals; others are for such things as denying civil
liberties to atheists. Not all, of course, by any means. I
do think there are some people in these forces that would
not extend the same freedoms to me that I extend to them.

I *am* objecting to the idea that the good 'ole USA is
somehow this land of great rationality compared to Islamic
countries or African nations or anywhere else on this
globe for that matter. I do consider creation science
or flood geology to be supersition and I see nothing
wrong with saying so, particularly in the light of
the massive push to teach it as a scientific theory
in public school science courses. I think it's just
too damn bad if somebody doesn't like my opinion on
that issue.

I've taken the sci. groups out of the followup list.

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