Re: Early diets

David Darryl Bibb (
5 May 1994 23:45:07 GMT

>>I'm not trying to start a war or anything. I'm only wondering
>>if it is possible to distinguish between omnivore, vegitarian, and
>>fish eater, or would a fish eater develop along the same lines as
>>an omnivore.
> A quick addition to my earlier post. On consideration, and keeping
>in mind that two classes with Don Johanson (sorry about the name-drop)
>still did not make me anything near an expert in dental morphology, I
>suppose it is possible that hominids might have eaten shellfish. For
>that matter I'm not sure what sorts of fish would have been available,
>but keep in mind that some fish can be caught by hand with patience
>(now *that* I've done... once) and it doesn't take any particular
>agility to catch a herring or a salmon when they're running.
>Jonathan Feinstein

What would the effect be on the radiocarbon dating of human material which
came from someone who ate shellfish? Would the date be thrown off?

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