Re: African Eve

dmitry pruss (
Wed, 4 May 1994 04:11:51 GMT

In article <2q64to$> (Patrick H. Adkins) writes:
>I understand that the African Eve hypothesis did not hold up in
>its original form due to problems with the way the mitochondrial
>DNA samples were interpreted.
>Can anyone supply information as to where this all stands now?
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The problem with mit DNA analysis in H.sapiens was that it produced too
counterituitive results - and wasn't paralleled by anything similar on
other modern (recently evolved) species.

Now this gap is being gradually filled, with very remarkable results.

Mit DNA analysis failed, strangely, to see ancient race didvisions in our
own species. It rose questions about it principal inability to detect such
things (although no clear reason for that was ever thought out).

I'm pleased to say that in any recently evolved speces, domestic cow, mit
DNA comparison _does_reveal_old_races.

The same "clock" assumptions as used for the humans show two separate roots
for cow evolution, converging some 200Kyr back. One is common for Indian
and another for Euro-Afro-American cattle breeds (in remarakable
correspondence with archeological data showing two separate domestication
events in Asia Minor and in Hindus Valley).

IMHO the approach has succesfully defended itself...