Re: Aquatic Ape: Titanic Effect

Melanie L Chang (
3 May 1994 02:09:28 GMT

5121 Student 09 ( wrote:

: So, while I agree the maturity level is low, I do not think it
: is a recent development. I also sank to a low level, but it was
: only after I was led to believe it was acceptable by the lack of
: reprimand to responses like these>

It is true that you are not the only poster on this group who sank to low
levels over this discussion.
However, the "he did it too" defense is not the greatest. It isn't an
excuse. I'm not trying to be mean, just saying. I mean, most people's
parents wouldn't think it was a good excuse. :)

: Some of these are quite funny, and I took them in good humor
: because it is, after all, a pretty trivial matter. I am a bit
: surprised that my own similar posts were not met with good
: humor. I don't understand why this is such an emotional issue for
: so many people. I sincerely expected a few clearly deliniated
: arguements. Thus, the barrage I received instead, caught me off
: guard.

I understand that, since you are a new poster. But (and the "we went
through all this AAT crap a while ago" post /was/ me) those of us who've
been reading this went through a really heated name-calling session about
a month back, and some of the exasperation is because most of us /really/
didn't want to go through it again after we'd finally managed to move on
to other topics. I mean, do /you/ want to do this all over again, now
that it's winding down?

: >So, Phil, Dave, can we stop this? If you want to call each other names,
: >please do it through private e-mail. I know what a kill file is; I just
: >think it's a waste of bandwidth.

: While I admit my posts were rude, I don't think I called anyone any
: names. I will stop being so rude, but I will not stop posting my ideas
: about human evolution. Several people have e-mailed me in support of
: my point of view. Others have simply reported that they find the
: discussion illuminating. Considering the amount of heat I have
: sustained, I believe some others may be reluctant to post their
: support publicly on the net.

: I appreciate your desire to conserve bandwidth, but I strongly believe
: this discussion belongs here.

Another interpretation of the silence from other AAT proponents is that no
one wants to post anything else about it. Yes, a /discussion/ belongs here,
but this hasn't been a discussion for some time; it's been an argument between
you and Phil. That is why I suggested you take it to private e-mail,
because it really does drown out other discussion, and discourage others
from reading.

Just a thought.


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