Re: (The not-so) Mistaken post

Aaron M. Rosenberg (
2 May 1994 06:55:51 GMT

In article <2q0eid$> (5121 Student 09) writes:

>>Thank you for your 2 cents. I'm sure the rest of us will remember the
>>helpful and discerning comments your "spare change" has brought to the

> You're quite welcome.

By the way, tell me that you're thinking about anthropology when you
make sissy no-end-in-sight comments like this one. I don't know what
your problem is, but you post more antagonistic comments and nya-nya's
then anyone I have seen subscribing.

You're in a university, for God sakes. Take a deep breath and think
about what the hell you're up to. This is the absolute LAST time that
I will respond to this sort of elementary school garbage.

If you want to piss everybody off, then you just might succeed. I
haven't been reading this group for more than one month and I'm
astonished at the level of immaturity I've seen. I suspected that this
group would be a forum for "sci.anthro.paleo", not

P.S. You have now resorted to insulting someone supporting someone you
have previously insulted. Why? Certainly, one must be better than
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tomfoolery. But this tomfoolery, having passed through a very
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