Re: Aquatic Ape: Titanic Effect

Melanie L Chang (
1 May 1994 20:39:01 GMT

5121 Student 09 ( wrote:
: >David Greene ( writes in response to
: >J. Moore <>:

: >> Duhh!
: >
: >> Look in the mirror buddy.
: >
: >Gee, that ranks right up there with "Oh YEAH!" and "Says YOU!"

: I agree. Fight fire with fire, I say.

Am I the only one who thinks the level of maturity on this group has taken
a nosedive?

If anyone wants to see how real scientific debate is carried out in a text
format, one might try reading _Current Anthropology_, in which articles
given "star" treatment are printed with comments by other scientists and
the author is given right-of-reply. Sure, things get a little out of hand
once in a while, but at least no one is writing "duh" or "says you" or
anything like that.

Other anthropological journals often do the same type of thing.

So, Phil, Dave, can we stop this? If you want to call each other names,
please do it through private e-mail. I know what a kill file is; I just
think it's a waste of bandwidth.

: What you call jumping to conclusion I call inquiry. I never claimed
: that my ideas are correct or that they are the only possible
: interpretation of the available evidence. I'm just curious by
: nature.

Then I think you are a prime candidate to read about this stuff in
scientific journals. I wouldn't mind hearing what you think. Try

Current Anthropology
American Journal of Physical Anthropology
Journal of Human Evolution
American Anthropologist
Scientific American

Your librarian can help you find them if the library doesn't carry all of
them (should have CA, though).

: David Greene

Happy reading! If you wanna mail me privately with comments I'm at

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