Re: Aquatic Ape Theory

Jim Foley (Jim.Foley@FtCollinsCO.NCR.COM)
27 Apr 94 11:39:52 GMT

>>>>> On 24 Apr 94 23:59:19 GMT, (Lee Roll) said:

apparently never heard of crocidiles, which still nab a considerable
number of people at water's edge and beyond. I'd rather take my chances
with lions and hyenas, which I could at least SEE coming.

>> As I recall, Hardy/Morgan had the little aq. ape family at the ocean, and
>> not at the lake. I can't seem to recall any examples of salt water crocs.
>> If we surmise a rocky, or possibly sandy beach, where will Brer' Croc hide?

Visit Australia. Saltwater crocs are fearsome beasties, and since being
protected some years ago, have bounced back to the point where they
occasionally make a snack of an unlucky person. (Ever see "Crocodile
Dundee"? Those were salties)

Hiding isn't a problem. The land/sea interface isn't always sand dunes
fronting up to the sea. There are marshes, mangrove swamps, forests and
salt-water rivers.


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