Re: spinning yarns

Lucie M. Melahn (
29 Apr 1994 06:42:52 GMT

In article <2pq6c1$> 5121 Student 09, writes:
>Lucie M. Melahn <> wrote:
>>In bad science, you decide what happened then look for evidence.
>Couldn't have said it better myself.

Well, then I'm sorry you didn't read any of the rest of my post.

If you expect a reasonable discussion, you shouldn't also adhere to one
idea, get defensive, and refuse to listen to what people who know
something about the subject have to say. I agree that many of the people
answering you have not been reasonable or even polite. But the fact is,
you are doing exactly what you accuse "traditional" science of
doing--sticking to your belief regardless of evidence (or, as I keep
trying and trying to point out, complete LACK of evidence). FIghting in
the underdog position is noble and fun, but it doesn't mean you're
necessarily right.

Lucie Melahn