Re: Oh No! No More AAT Please!

Bryce Harrington (
25 Apr 1994 20:44:29 -0700

In article <2p0asb$> (Seppo Kalevi Halonen) writes:
> Aww... Just a few months ago there was nothing in sci.anthro* but
>Aquatic Apes. Please don't start this thread again, as it
>has been discussed thoroughly up to the point of general sickness...
>-- Me. --

Oh shush! ;-) I want to see this stuff (it's the only reason I subscribe
to this group).

Anyway, there will inevitably be some subjects in any group which some
of its subscribers have no interest in. This doesn't mean that the
topic should not be discussed, however.

If you find the topic tedious, why not simply kill off the articles?
Most newsreaders allow you to automatically kill off articles. Use
'AAH' and 'AAT' and that should kill off most all the posts.