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J. Moore (
Wed, 27 Apr 94 12:29:00 -0400

Cm> I came to this newsgroup with an open mind. I have learned a
Cm> great deal, but what I am really interested in is some reasonable
Cm> description of human evolution. I can certainly understand why
Cm> no one is willing to put forth their own such description - because
Cm> they will be met not with reasonable discussion, but by passionate
Cm> ridicule.
Cm> David Greene

David, if your young anthopologist came forth with a theory that
required one (as your recent posts have) to ignore all aquatic predators
(such as crocs and sharks), one might think he had not thought out his
subject quite enough. A real description of human evolution takes a lot
more time and space than you're gonna get from on-line posts. For a
readable, extremely thorough, and still quite relevant description, read
Nancy M. Tanner's "On Becoming Human" (1981, Cambridge U. Press). It's
in a lot of public libraries as well as university libraries. Dean
Falk's "Braindance" is also pretty good, more recent (although not as
all-encompassing), readable, and available in a lot of public libraries.

Jim Moore

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