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>>>Given that Louis Leakey et al had apparently disproved the single
>>>species hypothesis 12 years previously, why were R. Leakey and Walker in
>>>1976 writing as if it was still widely accepted?
>>>Was the 1964 evidence for different hominid species living side by side
>>>not as strong as claimed?
>>Personally, I think it was very strong evidence. However, you have to
>>understand the field of paleoanthropology -- a very contentious group, full
>>of big egos. The Single Species Hyp. was championed by some very big names
>>in the field (notably Don Johanson, of "Lucy" and PBS specials fame) and
>>so required quite a bit of evidence to be laid to rest.
>I can't understand this. Johanson was nobody until he made his big
>finds in 1973 (knee joint), 74 (Lucy) and 75 (First Family). He (and
>Taieb) published a paper in early 1976 (a few months before Leakey's
>paper), in which I believe he claimed that the First Family finds were a
>mixture of Homo and Australopithecus specimens (I haven't yet read this
>paper). That doesn't make Johanson sound like an advocate of the single
>species hypothesis.
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Yes, but then Tim White got to Johanson and convinced him that all of the
First Family materials were a single species. White was a student of
C.Loring Brace at Michigan. Brace is the grandfather of the single species
hypothesis re: australopithecines.

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