Re: An question about AAT

Pat Dooley (
26 Jun 1995 23:12:52 -0400

>I was watching The Learning Channel program "The Human Animal". It
>showed the amazing skills and coordination of new born infants under
>water. It would be hard to convince me that these skills were simply
>reflexes developed on land, especially the reflex of hoding breath.

>Then it hit me. Is it possible, that at one point our ancestors were
l>iving in a swamp, rather than savanna, where there was waist-high
>water? This would probably force bipedalism, since anyone trying to
>walk with hands would have his nose under water. Swimming might not
>have been a viable alternative, since this period was probably too
>short for an efficient swimmer to develop (there might be better
>reasons such as food source, etc.). However, think about the infants
>that were born in the water. They must know how to swim! They probably
>clung to their mothers most of the time, but occasionly they might
>fall into the water, and must be able to swim back to their mothers.
>Is this idea crazy?

Not according to Sir Alistair Hardy, Desmond Morris and Elaine Morgan.
You should read Morgans books, especially, "The Scars of Evolution."

Pat Dooley