Re: Homo erectus

NeilFoglia (
27 Jun 1995 17:17:03 -0400

Alex Duncan writes:

>The Acheulean tool industry is not associated w/ H. erectus in Asia.
>This may be because the required rock types weren't available, or because
>Asian H. erectus found bamboo to be much more efficient as a tool, or for
>some reason we don't know yet. The Acheulean exists with minor variation
>up to about 200,000 to 150,000 yrs ago, when it is replaced by middle
>stone age industries (that still include Acheulean-type tools within

A possible reason why the Acheulean tool industry is not associated with
H. erectus in Asia may be because erectus left Africa before this
particular tool industry was developed. As you alluded to in response to
the dating of erectus populations, the finds in Java are claimed to be
from 1.8 mya. If this date holds up, then erectus left Africa nearly a
half million years before the Acheulean industry appears in Africa.

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