Homo erectus

Stephen Younge (SDYOUNGE@ELECOM2.watstar.uwaterloo.ca)
Tue, 27 Jun 1995 01:48:50 GMT

Okay, here is another memory test.
This time, on H. erectus and his tool industry.
Any corrections would be greatly appreciated.

Homo Erectus - Java and Peking Man
. 1.5 mya - 400 kya
. 780-1225 cc brain, almost human size
. stocky, human-like body, bigger than H. habilis
. found in Java, China, and Africa
. evidence suggests use of fire
. increased but infrequent group hunting
. brain sufficiently developed for language
. crude shelters and migration to colder areas
. used Acheulean tool industry

Acheulean Tool Industry
. associated with H. erectus of Africa, Europe, and Asia
. hand axes, pear-shaped tools with sharp cutting edges
. 1.4 mya - 750 kya
. shaped by regular blows rather than random strikes (Oldowan)
. choppers, cleavers
Stephen Younge
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada