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Stephen Younge (
Sat, 24 Jun 1995 22:59:13 GMT

>From: (JAWetting)
>Subject: Re: WWW-based Anthro Quiz
>Date: 22 Jun 1995 21:49:49 -0400

>make for a pretty detailed quiz. Having had some experience with online
>documents creation, I would suggest "branching" with "pop ups" wherever
>there was no scientific consensus. You can cover the controversey using
>a link away from the main path of the quiz. (Hypertext is good that way.)

Thanks for the suggestions. I think that Hypertext lends itself well to this
sort of thing (possible different branches). I think there would be two ways
to do this:

1. Pick a popular theory, and assume it's true. At all controversial points,
allow the user to jump to a page describing differing proposals.
2. As the user "evolves" through the different stages, he can choose from
the different proposed paths of evolution.

Hey, what about even implenting it like a "choose your own adventure" type
book, complete with the possibility of evolving into dead ends like A.
bosei? Another possibility.

>way, will you be authoring in the new HTML package from Microsoft?
>(Wextech in NY is supposed to be bringing out a nice MS Word based HTML
>tool as well.)

Are you referring to Internet Assistant? I use it for prototyping but it isn'
t useful for much beyond that. Most of the HTML code will be auto-generated
by programs that I will be creating. I'm less creating actual Web pages than
software which can build them on-the-fly. What is the Wextech product?

Thanks again for the input.

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