Fri, 23 Jun 95 08:54:35 -0500

NE>Tk> The fact is, chimpazees have very few natural (non-human) predators in
NE>Tk> the wild and will live to a ripe old age in the wild.


NE>Well, I think chimps have a better opportunity to climb trees in the
NE>wooded environment which they live. I think that if early hominids were

Leopards also climb trees.

NE>I agree. And this is why I think you see the strange human configuration.
NE>Because evolution worked on an aquatic ape that was suddenly living on the
NE>african plains.

Why did this aquatic ape leave the water for the savanna?

NE> This is not a good arguement to defend our evolution on the savanna. To
NE>say we were there, and we made due with our evolutionary circumstances,
NE>does not cover the unusual aspects of our evolution that separate us from
NE>other savanna creatures. I think the AAT goes a long way to help explain
NE>these peculuarities, even if I don't know enough about crocodile habitats.

It does seem to me that crocodile predators would not have been more of
a problem than leopard predators.


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