DNA of Neanderthal ?

David Soriano (soriano+@pitt.edu)
25 Jun 1995 16:01:17 GMT

Heelo again, to all! I am not a religious nut nor am I sold on evolution
as shown in current bio-chemical texts! I simply want to know more about
all of us! Question: Has anyone done dnd studies on the Neanderthal remains?
Did Homo-Sapiens inter-breed with this life-form? Did Homo-Sapiens
co-exist with this hominid? Here is another , somewhat bizarre, question:
I have read of a theory called simultaneous creation of species! Could
this have happened? Anthropological studies and developments in
Pyschology , at the molecular level, in my opinion, will be the triumph
of the 21st century for mankind! Regards, D.S.