The spear

John St.John (
Fri, 23 Jun 1995 20:22:50 GMT

The evidence for the spear initiating the breakaway of Homo from the
primates is overwhelming if looked at in its entirety. The spear is
ubiquitous throughout human history up until the present when a rifle
is converted to a spear by the command "fix bayonets."

It is the only weapon that would enable a batchelor ape to confront an
alpha-male on equal terms. This is what must have caused the change
from an ape band to the human tribe. "Smith and Wesson made them all
the same size".

Its influence on social change was probably responsible for other
physical changes (brain-size etc.) but bi-pedalism and mono-dexterity,
(being either left or right handed) is its more obvious influence.

See The Totem Gene,