Re: Intelligent Dinosaur Paleo Civilization?
Sat, 17 Jun 95 10:38:33 EST

ok, you have shown off your knowledge of Latin. Now, for the rest of
us,Barry Mennen <> wrote:
what do it mean???
ET>>Why oh why do anthropologists continue to refer to all stone fossil
ET>>artifacts as "tools"? Would we refer to knives, guns, spears, &etc. as
ET>>"tools"? IMHO it would appear as a more honest take on all this to (at
ET>>least) _occassionally_ say "tools and weapons."

ET>You shouldn't blame anthropologists for anything *I* say.

ET>However, weapons *are* tools. They are tools for killing
ET>animals and/or people. These tasks can be done with one's
ET>bare hands, but I've been told that it's a lot more convenient
ET>to use the appropriate tools.

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