Re: Adaptive Niche of Arc

Kelli143 (
21 Jun 1995 18:01:34 -0400

You fail to note that while modern humans (and their ancestors) adapt
their environment to suit their needs (to a certain extent), the earth is
a dynamic system as well. I hardly think that a series of "lucky breaks"
was instrumental in human evolution. A series of environmental and
concomitant physiological changes resulted in what we call H.S.S. Chimps
and gorillas, rather than being unfortunate leftovers of a non-adaptive
predecessor, are as equally well adapted to their physical environment as
we are to ours. Those that survive human onslaught to reproduce will
undoubtedly produce future generations that are different than the
current generation in many ways (both genetically and behaviorally),
embodying differences that enable them to respond successfully to changes
in conditions. A failure to adapt doesn't lead to less well-adapted
progeny; it leads to extinction.