Aquatic? Huh?

20 Jun 1995 00:26:52 GMT

Could somebody please bring me up to date on this aquatic-ape business?
In a short paragraph? Like what is it about this body I see in the mirror
that strongly strikes many of you as adapted for life in aquatic,
estuarine, or riparian habitats? I find locomotion in water terribly

Also, if someone could bring me up to speed on the bare-skin-and-numerous-
sweat-glands as an adaptation to life in hot sunny environments I'd
appreciate that, too. Is that the "savannah" hypothesis I also see discussed.

I'm an entomologist with (obviously) fairly broad interests, and would
enjoy following all this if I had a better grasp of the history.

(all responders entitled to an equivalent volume of dumb-questions-about-bugs)