AAH update (was: Bipedalism and other factors and AAT)

Cameron Laird (claird@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM)
16 Jun 1995 15:17:19 -0500

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HARRY R. ERWIN <herwin@osf1.gmu.edu> wrote:
>A clarification of at least one person's version of the AAT is that the
>environment was fresh-water, rather than salt-water. Since the major
>alternative (the wooded savanna ape) was also tied to water, there appears
>to be a compromise available--an ape specialized for life in gallery
>forests, with arboreal, terrestrial, and semi-aquatic components to its
>substratum adaptation. Is there a way of testing this? Are there species
>that people can identify with comparable adaptations? (I have a few in
>mind, myself.)
I have no answers to those questions, so I'll ask my own.

One of the raps on Elaine Morgan is that she doesn't submit to
peer review. I see that

Morgan, Elaine
1995 The Descent of the Child: Human Evolution
from a New Perspective. Oxford University

is now available. I haven't had one in my hands, but Oxford
U Pr in the past certainly has been a place that exercises
editorial oversight as responsibly as any other scientific
publisher. I'm curious to learn what the new perspective is.

What I really want: I think Oxf U Pr ought to send review
copies to Danny and Phil, and then we'll all meet back here
in a month.


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