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Ali Al-Roubaie (a6214dao@vm.univie.ac.at)
Fri, 16 Jun 95 15:28:03 GMT

Anyone interested in exchanging ideas, commentaries, literature
and discuss topics concerning Historical Psychology
(even from anthropological perspectives)?

In distinction to Psychohistory, which is probably well
known as a psychoanalytical/biographical approach, Historical
Psychology covers a somewhat broader range of approaches and
underlying theories. Think of Annales, the Frankfurt School,
Psychoanalysis, Critical Psychology or phenomenology as some
of the backgrounds.
Anyway, from a general point of view, european Historical Psychology
deals with the question, how psychic structures and phenomena could
be located and explained within (historical) time.
As a psychologist here at Vienna Univ I teach a 2-semester
course in Historical Psychology, whereas the first part focus
on theories and approaches while the second half is more orientated
toward methods and technical questions.
So far some sketches on Historical Psychology.
Personally, my recent interests cover issues such as
- sociocultural structures of early medieval societies (e.g. Awars)
(gender representation, imagination ...)
- identity and relationship in medieval literature (german epics)
- methodical questions (AI & qualitative analysis),
but I do not feel restricted to these topics.

I am interested in cooperations, discussions and people, who are also
interested in this a subject. Probably, it might be a nice idea
to support trans/intercontinental cooperation between students/classes
concerning Historical Psychology.
Since no list deals with a comparable subject (as far as I know) and a
general interest is not in sight yet, please contact me directly for
further information.
Would like to hear from you ...

Ali Al-Roubaie

Ali Al-Roubaie (Historical Psychology)
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