Re: Bipedalism and other factors and AAT

J. Moore (
Fri, 16 Jun 95 09:44:00 -0500

Tk> >What is odd is your willingness to state
Tk> >with such certainty things which are simply not true, and which
Tk> >a nominal amount of investigating would have informed you.
Tk> >
Tk> OK, OK.. Drew, Jim... you were right, I was wrong. Crocodiles can live
Tk> in water that containes various levels of salt. I made a mistake. I
Tk> shouldn't have said "I know crocodiles don't live in salt water", I made
Tk> a mistake.

Tk> I guess I should have typed, "you aren't likely to find crocodiles
Tk> swimming around in the open ocean with sharks" but I didn't. Or I
Tk> should have said, "you aren't likely to find crocodiles at the beach,
Tk> but more likely in rivers or streams."

If you had typed any of those things, you would also have been wrong.
Why not stick to writing what you know (I know, your posts would be too
short ;-), or, better yet, actually do some research before you make
wild statements, and actually look at both sides of an argument and try,
just try, to learn something along the way.

Tk> Now... since this issue of crocodile tolerance to salt is out of the
Tk> way, can we please get back to the issue of AAT, or is that all but
Tk> forgotten?
Tk> Troy Kelley

That depends, are you going to try and learn from posts, and perhaps do
some reading other than AAH supporters? If you aren't, you're doomed to
having people jump on your misstatements and misunderstandings just like
they did this time.

Jim Moore (

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