Re: Breast Size (Was: Re: Homosexuality and genetic determinism)

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12 Jun 1995 16:51:23 -0600

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Mary Beth Williams <> wrote:
>> Also, it's possible€women tended to prefer males who appear
>>to be dominating, because: a. such males are likelier to be better
>Yes, but you're discounting the fact that in most hunter/gatherer
>societies, women provide the majority of food (I can provide a very
>extensive bibliography, if you'd like to argue this point further..).

You're correct: Women provide more food than men in hunter/gatherer
cultures. They do not, however, provide more protein.

>Also, you're assuming a familial setup of the nuclear household, not
>all that common until the 19th century (at least in North America).
>Where does communalism fit in here?

If anything, male status and provisioning of kin (and non-kin) is
*more* critical an issue for polygynists than monogamists.

>And this is just general gobbliegook, not even worthy of serious
>discussion. Perhaps when most of the posters on this thread discard
>their views of cavemen dragging women around by the hair and enter the
>20th-century, we'll have a productive discussion.

Didn't you suggest the thread in the first place?

I agree that folks shouldn't over-simplify paleo-social scenerios.
Ignoring male coerciveness and aggressiveness seems equally simplistic.

Lastly, the bit about entering the 20th century is perplexing--we should
play some revisionist game, deny that women were abused, that we not risk
"justifying" abuse today? Or what?

>MB Williams