Re: Breast Size (Was: Re: Homosexuality and genetic determinism)

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12 Jun 1995 17:03:24 GMT (Bryant) wrote:
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> Lemonhead <> wrote:
> >Actually I remember reading a book (I think it was called something likt
> >*The Third Chimpanzee* or something like that) that argued that human
> >penii (is that the correct word? I got that from a local disk jockey)
> >were of more importance to men, kind of a "i'm bigger and badder" kind of
> But unlike female choice, your hypothesis doesn't provide a
> mechanism whereby large peni would have evolved.
It does. Men who were considered bigger and stronger tended
to win disputes, such as who will mate with that woman (in some cultures
it is something MEN decide), or who (and whose family) will have the
lion's share of food in times of famine.
Also, it's possible€women tended to prefer males who appear
to be dominating, because: a. such males are likelier to be better
providers, b. children from such males will probably be stronger,
atleast socially and c. children from such males will be more
attractive to the next generation of women, thus producing more