Re: Bipedalism and other factors and AAT

Troy Kelley (
Tue, 13 Jun 1995 12:49:52 GMT

Subject: Re: Bipedalism and other factors and AAT
From: Drew Talley,
Date: 13 Jun 1995 02:53:04 GMT
In article <3riuig$> Drew Talley, writes:

>As you point out below, none of this is terribly pivotal for the
>argument at hand. What is odd is your willingness to state
>with such certainty things which are simply not true, and which
>a nominal amount of investigating would have informed you.
>: Besides, crocodiles living in salt water, even though you seem to latch
>: on to this
>: issue rather quickly, is not the real issue for this news group. I was
>: not
>: implying that an aquatic environment was free from predators. I was
>: merely
>: pointing out that given our many physical deficiencies, which I am not
>: going to
>: list again, we must have evolved in a relatively safe environment. We
>: may have

OK, OK.. Drew, Jim... you were right, I was wrong. Crocodiles can live
in water that containes various levels of salt. I made a mistake. I
shouldn't have said "I know crocodiles don't live in salt water", I made
a mistake.

I guess I should have typed, "you aren't likely to find crocodiles
swimming around in the open ocean with sharks" but I didn't. Or I should
have said, "you aren't likely to find crocodiles at the beach, but more
likely in rivers or streams." Or maybe I should have said "Crocodiles are
brackish animals and have varying tolerances to salt water".

Now... since this issue of crocodile tolerance to salt is out of the way,
can we please get back to the issue of AAT, or is that all but forgotten?

Troy Kelley