Neanderthals again ?

Joao Duarte (
Sun, 11 Jun 1995 18:10:16 GMT


I would like some information on a subject that probably has been
discused "ad nauseam" before. However I couldn't find any FAQ for this
group so please forgive me and don't waste Internet resources flamming

It goes like this:

In 1957, under the supervision of prof. Boris Porshnev eminent
director of the modern history department of the Russian academy of
sciences, 4 expeditions were sent to Mongolia, Pamir Mountains,
Caucasus and the Himalayas. All four teams reported that there were
strong indications that a primitive form of man might still live in
some remote areas of the globe. His sucessor, Dra Jeanne Korfman
assembled a permanent research station in the Caucasus in 1964.
In 1974 Dra Myra ShacKley ( not sure of the spelling) of the
university of Leicester in England, who acording to Arthur C. Clarke
is one of the leading authorities in Neanderthal man, organized an
expedition to Mongolia were those creatures are known as "Almas". When
she returned, she was convinced that the creatures were there and she
believed that the description of Neanderthal man fitted the almas
really quite well. Since then I couldn't find any further

Were these all lies? Did these researchers really exist ? Did they
ever found the almas? Did the almas turn out to be just like us? Is
there any ongoing research? If yes, were can I find aditional


Yes, I am aware that there is a group called alt.bigfoot.research